"Pilates is complete coordination of
body, mind and spirit. Through Pilates you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your subconscious activities."
Joseph Pilates


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    I have been doing Pilates with Elizabeth for almost a year now, and every class has been different and exciting.  She always challenges me and over the course of the past year, it is amazing how much stronger, leaner, and more toned my body has become.  As a former reformer class student, I had no idea how much more there is to Pilates and what I had been missing.  Elizabeth has several pieces of equipment in her wonderful studio other than just the reformer.  
She loves to mix up the apparatus exercises and make every class fun and challenging.  She always asks if there is anything I want to work on or any areas that need special attention.  I always leave her sessions feeling like I just had the greatest workout, and then the next one is even better!!   I have never “dreaded” going to Pilates class and I plan the rest of my week around my classes.  Not only is Elizabeth the most wonderful instructor/trainer, she is also one of the most amazing people I have ever met!!  If I could, I would be at her studio every day of the week!  
Lori Bork, Kernersville, NC

 I always wanted to try Pilates, and I have to admit that I was kind of skeptical, being that I'm a big guy, 42 years old, weighing almost 300 lbs. But I have to admit that after only about ten Pilates sessions with Elizabeth, I have not only become more flexible, but I'm doing things with my body I thought I couldn't physically do anymore.
   I'm a retired Professional Football player and have been playing since I was 9 years old. I've had hundreds of different workout regimens throughout my career, but they all focused on heavy weights and a lot of reps. Doing 
Pilates I noticed that I don't need all of that anymore and I can get the same, if not better, results. I am a recent cancer survivor and wanted to do something that is good for my mind, body and soul and this is it. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable about the body itself and don't take no slack! 
   So for all you men out there, thinking 
Pilates is just for women, you"re wrong. I look forward to to doing it every week and strongly encourage others to try it.                         
- Rakim Harrison, Concord NC

    Pilates with Elizabeth has become one of the few workouts I look forward to! I recently had my first baby in December 2013 and I couldn't recommend a better exercise program to jump into. Elizabeth was able to gage where I was physically and personalize my workout each session. The sessions never fail to amaze me with the endless amount of options we have using the reformer and all of the other equipment available. No workout is the same, which I think is so important because you're always on your toes and never get bored! 
    I think my favorite part thus far has been getting to know Elizabeth. She is such an easy going and professional teacher. However don't let that fool you! She kicks my butt every session until I'm practically shaking! Pilates has been a wonderful experience for me and I don't think I could say the same about another teacher or studio. 
    - Catey McNamara, Kernersville, NC

    I had been looking for something to invigorate my workouts and was looking for a trainer, when I came across the web site for Elizabeth's studio. This was several months ago and I am so glad I started training with her. I have lost inches off my thighs and waist and have better definition in my abs and arms. I've lost pounds and increased strength. As a frequent corporate traveler, my back no longer hurts from uncomfortable airline seats. The workouts are difficult, engaging and interesting. Going to 
Pilates is the bright spot of my week. I wish I started working with Elizabeth years ago. The results have been amazing and she is great trainer/educator.
- Mylinda Jacobsen, Winston-Salem, NC   

    I was exposed to Pilates by a friend and immediately knew that it was something that I’d enjoy doing as a regular workout. I went to a couple of classes at a large gym but ultimately decided that one-on-one sessions would work best for me since I was a novice and felt like I needed the extra attention. I found Elizabeth through her website, and after my first appointment immediately signed for a package! She is incredibly patient and instructive and pushes to ensure I have a great workout, but is also very sensitive to my personal physical limitations. After the first few sessions, I could tell that my stamina had improved and now that I’ve been going several months I definitely notice the results in my posture, the fit of my clothes, and even my stress levels! I talked my husband into going as well, and he too notices a difference. Unlike my gym experience where I dreaded going, I look forward to my workouts with Elizabeth!
    - Crystal Thompkins, Winston-Salem, NC

Looking for an experience that will change your life?  I needed to lose weight but didn't know where to start.  I needed guidance.  So one night while surfing the web I came across Pilates.  Words like improving posture, stress relief and strengthening your core intrigued me and lead me to more research.  That's when I found Elizabeth.
   How in the world did this amazing instructor and mentor live so close to me without me knowing about her?  No matter what stage in life you are in she can help you achieve what you want.  Pilates Rules!  You will be able to do things you never thought possible and feel like a new person.  And you will be! Her skill and personality will have you reaching for the stars.  As for me, after a couple of months, I am 10 pounds lighter, possibly a half-inch taller, stronger and more motivated than I have ever been in my life. 
Wanda Parnell, Walkertown, NC

I have been working with Elizabeth for 3 months now, and I have loved every session with her. I have noticed a huge improvement in my posture, and an increase in my strength. Every session with her is new and exciting. I love the studio setting. It is very "homey" feeling and she makes sure the temperature is always adjusted to whatever suits her client best. I have done duet and single sessions with Elizabeth. They are very different but they are both great. I was doing the duet sessions with my mother so it was a fun working alongside her. Recently I have been doing single sessions. Which I really love because each person's body is different so Elizabeth is really able to work with each individual and their specific needs. The best two days of my week are the two days I have Pilates.
-Kendra Staub Carelli, Kernersville, NC
 Pilates taught by Elizabeth is always enjoyable. She does an amazing job of determining clients' needs both physically, and emotionally and using that information to plan invigorating sessions. Elizabeth demonstrates encouragement, patience, high expectations and plenty of positive feedback for all clients no matter what their level of expertise may be. After years in the gym doing strength training and 3 years of small group Pilates lessons I switched to Elizabeth's studio in order to receive more intensive personal training. I also take a duet session where we motivate one another to excel.
     In my private sessions Elizabeth combines several types of equipment and weights to challenge me. My muscles are toned and elongated. Being a former runner I have some back pain and hip issues which because of  Pilates are no longer as painful. Elizabeth's studio is at the end of a beautiful country lane. The setting is very relaxing, the equipment is new, soothing background music and scenery all add up to a great Pilates experience.
-Beth Lentz, Oak Ridge, NC

      I started doing Pilates right after I had my daughter June, 2011. I have always been active and have consistently done several forms of yoga for 3 years leading up to my pregnancy but felt that I really needed something else to help improve my health and get my body back into shape post-baby. I started out taking classes that had 4-6 students at a time, but had to travel 30 minutes every class until I found Elizabeth online. I began my personal training with her the following January and found a huge difference in the time that was taken with me and my personal needs. I realized that I had not been doing a lot of exercises properly and that with personal one on one training the small details make all the difference. In the past 7 months my body shape, appearance, and overall health has drastically improved, and I could safely say that I actually look and feel better than I did before I became pregnant with my daughter.
     Elizabeth has worked with me in the areas that I felt needed to be strengthened and in the process has improved, toned, and shaped every part of my body head to toe. She pays close attention to detail and proper form in every single exercise and is the most skilled instructor I have worked with. Elizabeth is an expert in Pilates training, given me endless advice on diet, and has also become a great friend. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to improve your overall health and fitness, and I can honestly say I feel better than I ever have thanks to her.
    -Andrea Tuttle-Belews Creek, NC


     I have done Pilates for about 4 years and just recently started working out with Elizabeth.  I love having Elizabeth as a trainer!  She is very attentive and will adjust the workout to your needs and abilities and will increase the difficulty levels as your body gets used to the exercises.  So you will always get a workout.  I recently had a baby so, needless to say, I needed to start slow.  Not only did I need to re-strengthen my body, but I needed lots of stretching exercises.  Elizabeth is very knowledgeable about both and I am well on the way to having my pre-pregnancy body back.

     Additionally, she is very flexible with the timing.  I do duets with another girl and we are both working moms so our schedules have to remain flexible.  If I was at the regular gym or studio, I'd be missing a lot of sessions.  But Elizabeth has always worked with us to accommodate our ever-changing schedules and that is priceless!!

    -Rada Oakley, Winston-Salem, NC 

     Pilates is the highlight of my week. It is the ideal workout that combines strength training, flexibility, coordination, agility, and endurance. Elizabeth is highly committed and excited to share her Pilates training with her clients. The exposure to the full range of apparatus her studio provides: the Reformer, Cadillac, Pilates Chair and the TRX Suspension Trainer makes each workout a new learning experience. I can enthusiastically recommend Elizabeth for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students. She rocks!
    - Pamela Mason, Kernersville, NC

     Elizabeth is an amazing Pilates instructor who makes an intense workout fun and invigorating. Each time that Elizabeth has worked with me I have been challenged and pushed to reach a new potential within my own strength. With her help, I have increased my flexibility, increased muscle and lost many inches! Elizabeth is great at keeping me focused on each exercise and explaining how each movement benefits my body, which yields better and faster results. My confidence has greatly improved as well as my energy level and overall health. Elizabeth has been instrumental in assisting me on this transformation both inside and out!  
     - Claire Vogt, Pilates Instructor, Kernersville, NC

     I have been a professional Pilates instructor for over 25 years and have taught all over the U.S. and abroad. I would highly recommend the “Pilates Method” to anyone interested in longevity, health and fitness. I would also say that the proper instructor is critical to the success of your goals. Elizabeth is a very dedicated, qualified instructor. She is an educator, committed to using her knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals. I think she is an excellent teacher and I would recommend her services very highly!

     - Amber Gregory, Sportscenter Athletic Club Pilates Program Director, High Point, NC

     I met Elizabeth almost a year ago. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I had always been an avid runner until one day my life was changed by having a seizure. I had never had one before and was reluctant to start running again. I still wanted to find a way to workout and concentrate more on strength training. I heard about Elizabeth through a friend who visited me in the hospital and I started doing training with her in March 2010. I was immediately hooked! As of today, I am back to running and I still train with Elizabeth twice a week. I am much stronger than I have ever been, my muscles are more toned, and I am more flexible than ever. Elizabeth has made the biggest change in my life. I look forward to every session with her.
Leiah Cumbo, Walkertown, NC

     I would like to highly recommend Elizabeth's Your Pilates Pro Company. I began working with her several months ago as a gift from my husband for Mother's Day (I requested this ;) She meets you where you are assessing your strengths and limitations. She works with you to strengthen your core and get you moving. Plus she's a lot of fun to work with.
-Shari Covitz, Winston-Salem, NC

     Elizabeth is a wonderful Pilates trainer. I began working with her while I was pregnant with my son. Our pre-natal sessions on the mat and the Reformer helped me keep fit during my entire pregnancy and made delivery so much easier. I pushed for less than 15 minutes! My doctor was quite impressed. Post-baby, I was able to quickly return to Pilates and was back to my pre-baby body in about 8 weeks. I am a huge believer in Pilates for core work, strengthening and flexibility. No matter what level you are at, Elizabeth guides you through the entire workout with patience, knowledge and plenty of encouragement and motivation.
Kristi Maier, Kernersville, NC

     Elizabeth has been my Pilates trainer for over 2 years at the Kernersville Sportscenter. Besides being a joy to work out with, Elizabeth is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of exercising to all involved in her classes. She is highly respected by the gym members for her willingness to help anyone at anytime. I find her to be consistently pleasant, tackling every classes with dedication and a smile. There is no doubt in my mind, Elizabeth has been instrumental in helping me reach my fitness goals. Bright, dedicated, and skilled, Elizabeth garners my unequivocal recommendation.
Sylvie St. Georges, Kernersville, NC

     I met Elizabeth a little over a year ago and started taking her Pilates classes regularly. This was my first experience practicing Pilates. I have done Yoga in the past and I was interested in trying something new. It was very difficult for me at first and I didn’t realize how weak my core body actually was until doing Pilates. Elizabeth was excellent in giving modifications when I first started and started challenging me as I was able to do more. She gets to the heart of traditional Pilates incorporated from Joseph Pilates but also adds in variation to keep it interesting. Elizabeth introducing me to Pilates has influenced me so much that I have become a certified Pilates instructor as well. I really enjoy being able to help people feel stronger and better about their bodies as she has done for me!  
     - Jo-Anne Smith, Pilates Instructor and mother of two, Kernersville, NC

     I began taking Pilates from Elizabeth a short while back and can readily see the results of this amazing and intensive work out. Pilates targets the core with emphasis on the hips, thighs, back and especially the abdominal area with a special accent on stretching. Like any discipline Plates requires a knowledgeable instructor. Elizabeth is superb, gifted with both patience and the talent to teach others in this unique exercise. I rate Elizabeth as par excellence and highly recommend her as your instructor.
   - Wayne Newkirk, Kernersville, NC

Elizabeth is a wonderful Pilates instructor! I learn something new each time I take a class from her. I leave her classes feeling relaxed and completely de-stressed! I was amazed at the strength I built up in as little as two weeks time. Many of my friends noticed a difference in my body after attending several Reformer sessions. My friends commented that I looked leaner and more toned. I would highly recommend Elizabeth as an instructor. She is a very positive person and enjoyable to be around!    

     - Michele M. Davis, Kernersville, NC
                                            Thanks to my amazing clients for your support!  -Elizabeth
My studio is located in Walkertown, NC and is convenient to Kernersville, Winston-Salem, Belews Creek, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale and Rural Hall, Walnut Cove and King, North Carolina.
Elizabeth Baird Barnette